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Our Team!

Our passionate doctors
HP Sig
Dr. med. Hoa Phan

Mother of 3 almost fully grown children and has been running the practice with her wonderful MFAs and large and small patients since April 2012.

KE Sig
Dr. med. Katrin Eisele

Also a proud mum of 3 small children, with us since 2019 and as a proud partner of the community practice from Jan 2021.

Nathalie Jäger

Our newest member of the doctoral team and equally passionate pediatrician.

Our lovely medical assistants
Andrea Speidel

With us since 2016, mother of two children and also of our office>> MTLA, practice instructor for nursing students. Aren't we all learners ...

Sandra Sturmhöfel-Geiger

Our "oldest" team member since the doctor’s office was founded in 2012, which has nothing to do with her real age as a young mom.

Mahela Stegmaier

Since April 2020 our rock in the turbulent "billing waters" and other technology-heavy things through her  permanent hotline to Medatixx.

Diana T.

The swirling lighthouse of the office not only because of the high cabinets! Since 2017 we can hardly do without her.

Anila Kuci

Our office baby, who soaks up all knowledge in a matter of seconds! Oh yes, the youth ...


Latest news

* Restriction of public traffic!

Nov 24, 2021

Due to the current infection situation, ONLY ONE accompanying person per patient is possible! We ask you to comply with this. Thanks!

* Separate email address and phone number. for direct inquiries

October 19, 2021

For a direct and faster processing of your inquiries for prescriptions and transfers, we have now set up a special email address and telephone number:

by email:

by phone: 07141 1412953

* Flu vaccination for the whole family

October 05, 2021

We offer flu vaccinations for families. Please contact us if you want to protect yourself and your family against flu infection in the coming autumn / winter

* COVID-19 vaccination: important information!

June 15, 2021

Please note our current information about corona vaccinations on this separate page .

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