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Flu & Corona

Please note following safety measures!


In order to avoid the spread of flu and corona pathogens and to protect your children and the population, we now have the following procedure:

Please come to our consultation hour by appointment only if you have symptoms of a cold, fever or flu. Unfortunately, we have to send you home without an appointment and then give you a scheduled appointment after consultation. If you only need a certificate of childhood illness or a prescription, we can also solve this by phone or email.

Since the hygiene measures play an important role, we ask you to take part in them. Hand disinfection should be carried out when entering and leaving the practice. Corona virus is only suspected if the sick person has had contact with a sick person who has been found to have COVID-19 or if he was in one of the risk areas (see below).


If you are concerned about the coronavirus, please contact us by phone. We will then clarify with you how to proceed. Please do not come to the practice unannounced.


Information and tips on flu and corona virus as well as telephone hotlines can be found in the following links:



For the district of Ludwigsburg there is daily updated information on the district's homepage and the health department


Telephone hotline: 07141 - 14469400



The State Health Office provides detailed information here


Telephone hotline: 0711 - 90439555

COVID-19 vaccination?

Find out about the options for a COVID-19 vaccination. In certain cases, family members can also be vaccinated at the medical discretion

Call us for advice on 07141-920999

Or by email
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